Setting up the ESPHome Integration when you don't already have an ESPHome device

I have never had an ESPHome programmed ESP device.
Until now I have used Tasmota to programmed ESP devices.
Decided I would give ESPHome a whirl in my new HA installation running:

  • Core2023.11.2
  • Supervisor2023.11.3
  • Operating System11.1
  • Frontend20231030.2

Now I tried to install the ESPHOME Integration but it seems that it is not possible without having at least one ESPHome device as the install fails? Is that correct?

I have read this and been through the the integration install process where it first asks for me to fill in the requested information:


Please enter connection settings of your ESPHome node.

HostPort (I dont really understand for sure but others may help what this should be)


I have been trying without success to create an an ESPHome programmed device with several ESP devices I have here but no luck. I was hoping I could do that from the HA ESPHome integration but I am stuck in no mans land for now and awaiting some more advice if somebody could point me in the right direction please?


You need the ESPHome Add-on for creating/flashing ESP devices. The integration is simply for bringing in devices you’ve already flashed.

Ah, thanks very much for the quick response Ben!
Here was I thinking it was all in one place.