Setting up variables

I’ve been looking at this page and it all seems clear to me, apart from the “Copy to your home-assistant custom_components folder”.

How can I locate this folder on my pi and how do I then copy the file to it?

I have SSH installed but have no clue about using it.

Any help in getting me started will be much appreciated.

You probably have to create the custom_components folder, since it generally doesn’t exist by default. It needs to be in the same directory where you configuration.yaml file exists.

If you’re not comfortable with doing everything necessary to get custom components installed, you can just use standard HA components like input_number, input_text, etc. That’s what many, if not most, people do (that aren’t using node-red, appdaemon, etc.)


So I just need to create a folder called custom_components in the Config folder and place the file in there?

I can manage that using IDE.

Is that correct?

Basically yes. Depending on details you may have to deal with ownership, permissions, etc. Also don’t forget to add to your config per the install instructions.