Setting uptime kuma to check if Zigbee2MQTT is up

I am trying to see when my Zigee2MQTT goes down. I found uptime kuma and set it up to reach the dashboard. But even when I purposely stop the add-on, uptime kuma is still able to reach the dashboard so it shows as up.

I also tried setting up to using HTTP keyword and included words I see on the dashboard only when the add-on is running, but that didnt change anything.

I tried to setup uptime kuma to monitor the MQTT topic but cant get that working either.

How can I see what uptime-kuma “see’s” when it checks it for being up. Maybe then I can determine what keyword to use.

There is a bug in Uptime Kuma that prevents the creation of MQTT checks: MQTT does not accept scheme in frontend · Issue #1557 · louislam/uptime-kuma · GitHub

I’ve used the workaround in that issue to create an MQTT check that checks zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state to make sure that it’s online.

I’m using this, but if I put online in the success status, I get the following error:

Message Mismatch - Topic: zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state; Message: {“state”:“online”}