Setting yamaha media player volume

there’s an error in setting the volume via the yamaha component (see or since i wanted to be able to set the yamaha volume with an input_slider, i looked for a workaround and found am easy, less error prone way to set the volume. it uses the (relativly) new Yamaha Extended Control API Specification i found here. i set up a rest command, that if fired, sets the volume according to an input_slider

    url: 'http://YAMAHA-IP/YamahaExtendedControl/v1/zone2/setVolume?volume={{ states.input_slider.yamaha_lautstaerke.state | int}}'

my yamaha receiver allows values from 0 to 161, i guess most others also do that, if not, one can find out by calling the feature list at http://YAMAHA-IP/YamahaExtendedControl/v1/system/getFeatures

i get "range_step":[{"id":"volume","min":0,"max":161,"step":1}


I somehow missed this post… It works fine! Thanks :slight_smile: