Settings Entry Missing in Menu / Can't Create User

I’m trying to add a second user to my HASS instance. From what I can tell from this post there is supposed to be a ‘Settings’ entry in my HASS menu (on the left) with a gear icon and within that entry are multiple other sub-entries, including a ‘Users’ option. I don’t have the ‘Settings’ entry.


I’m using the Dockerfile homeassistant/home-assistant:0.91.2, but it also was not working with homeassistant/home-assistant:0.91.1.

I have no auth_providers and no http sections.

When I wipe my /config/.storage and start fresh. I can create a new user who is the owner.

grep is_owner persistent/auth
“is_owner”: true,

However, I do not have an entry on the left for ‘Settings’ and thus I cannot figure out how to add another user. /config/.storage/auth* has my initial user definition, but I’m not sure what to edit to add a second user. I wouldn’t know how to choose an ‘id’.

Any thoughts on other settings to check? I feel like this has to be a config error, but I’m not sure where to look. Is this something unique to running HASS as a container?

In your config yaml do you have the line config:?

Home assistant in a container is identical to running home assistant in any other way.

The Menu item with the Gear is “Configuration” not “Settings”
I agree you need to check your configuration.yaml.

I think my problem has to do with the fact that I was running ‘frontend:’ and not ‘default_config:’ which seems as though it might configure more than just the frontend.

-# Enables the frontend
+# Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc)

I’m still sorting through the changes to my HASS instance after making that change.

Here is the list of what default_config sets up.