Setup advice the actual device location

Reading through the notes and google ofcourse, i am looking for some advise on the best place to actually put the home assistant device itself. I have got a nuc style machine and a zigbee sonoff stick. So the question is where in the house is the best place to put this actual device to be most effective.
Is it OK to put on the edge of the house in a garage (connected) and the radio will work or is it best to put it in the centre of the house like you would a access point.
And secondly is it best to put the usb adapter on an extension, i have seen notes online saying to avoid issue put it on an extension to move away from the computer itself.
Thanks in advance for any comments given.

Unless you have mains powered repeater nodes that also cover your garage it is best to locate the server (and thus zogbee hub) centrally.

Yes a usb extension is advised. Get the dongle up high away from metal and electrically noisy items like the hardware running home assistant.

I use a Tubes Ethernet connected zigbee coordinator so I can put it anywhere I have a network connection (it’s installed in the centre of my roof space) and home assistant can stay in my 19" rack in my basement.

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