Setup failed for discovery: Integration not found

I am receiving this message after I update my HA to 2023.8 version. What does it mean and how to fix it?
Setup failed for discovery: Integration not found.

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This was a breaking change with 2023.8 - check the blog:

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The fix: just remove “discovery:” from configuration.yaml then restart HA


Can confirm this works, thx!

So why does this work? I thought we needed to have that in configuration.yaml to be able to discover automatically…let me go read the release notes again.

Cool. Learning how to read is an important skill lol
Thanks, @Pepe_Le_Pew

Thank you. I removed discovery and everything is good now.

I am in the same situation, however, it’s a bit more complicated. My Home Assistant Yellow failed due to a failed M.2 SSD. That’s been handled, and attempting to recover using a older backup from 7/17 which contained Core 2023.7.1, the recovery ultimately fails with the same issue, discovery: integration has been removed. The recovered/new yellow image has the latest core update, therein lies the problem.

I can get to the system via the USB-C port, but do not know how to find the configuration.yaml file to edit out the offending integration. That’s one solution, but rather than that I’d like to attempt to restore my yellow with an earlier version, that which contains Core 2023.7.1

My installation is fairly complex and would be an extensive project to restore it by hand.

I know nothing about docker containers, and if that’s where the files are that I need to get at, I’m hosed, yes?

maybe i’m missing something, and hopefully you’ve solved this by now, but why not install an older version of HA OS? Many old releases can be found at the link below:

Companion app documentation still mention that “discovery:” must be enabled… Getting Started | Home Assistant Companion Docs

I guess this should be updated…

Got the same problem. with the HAC entsoe plug-in. But do NOT have discovery: in my configuration.yaml file. Somebody an idea how to solve this…