Setup for bulbs which use Red/Green for Colour Temperature


I’m looking at my Lohas 10W bulb setup again, which I’ve never really been fully happy with.

This time, I restored one to the factory firmware, added it to TuyaSmart, popped the cover off and observed how it behaves with the stock app’s settings.

Here’s what I’ve found, which I’d like to replicate with ESPHome.

The bulb has 10 cool white LEDs.
There are 17 colour LEDs - 5 Green, 5 Blue and 7 Red

When setting a non-white colour, the RGB LEDs are mixed as expected - no white addition. A ‘Saturation’ slider behaves as expected - as saturation is lowered, the lower R/G/B values are gradually increased. At minimum saturation, all RGBs are at max and changing the hue makes no difference to the output.

When setting a white colour, with temperature at maximum, the CW LEDs are used alone, simply dimming along with the brightness setting.

However, there are no WW LEDs. As the temperature is lowered from 100% to 75%, red is gradually added to the CW. As it’s lowered past 75%, green is also mixed in, with green and red continuing to increase as temperature is lowered to 0%, with green continuing to be approx 25% lower than red.

Has anyone worked with similar bulbs and come up with a suitable ESPHome configuration?