Setup Garage Door opener with Tasmota

Hello. I hope that someone could help me.

My old garage opener was built on NodeMcu and it worked for a few years. Now it stopped working and I have to build a new one. I do not remember what I used for my old system and decided to build it with Tasmota. I found an old NodeMCU and flashed it with Tasmota.


I connected the relay to D2 and connected D5 to the reed switch. The second cable from the reed switch is connected to the GND pin. I configured Tasmota, but I have a problem. Relay works, but the reed switch does not report. Any ideas why?

Hi, did you find solution for this? This is how I have it setup:

Do you have any resistors? I know that I had to add resistors, but I cannot find how it was connected. I want to rebuild it and I cannot.