Setup Mosquitto MQTT Broker - Step by Step


I want to integrate my new Shelly H&T sensor to Home Assistant (running on Raspberry Pi) and, therefore, want to set up a MQTT broker. I have tried to set up the Mosquitto MQTT broker and to integrate the Shelly H&T sensor in Home Assistant but I am a bit overwhelmed. Could somebody help me through the debugging process step by step?

At First, I went to Home Assistant frontend → tab → Add-on store → and installed the Mosquitto broker. Then I followed the instructions on, set up an username and password, left anything else as it was and restarted Home Assistant.

Now, under Developer tools I got a new MQTT symbol where I can Publish a packet (not really sure what to do here…).

I didn’t change the configuration.yaml as the instruction said there is no need for it.

After the installation of Mosquitto Broker, I activated MQTT Service on my Shelly device, put in username, password IP address and port of the installed Mosquitto Broker following the instructions of The Hook Up (

Then I added some sensors to my configuration.yaml file following the instructions on

Now, I got three new shelly sensor entities, but the sensors seem to not receive any data.

How can I check whether the Mosquitto Broker receives any data from the Shelly Sensor? How can I test whether the Mosquito Broker is set up correctly and ready to receive MQTT data?

I do not really understand the instructions on

Thanks for your help!


Do you have the ssh server set up on hassio? If not you should. It is another addon like mosquitto is. It isn’t necessary for mosquitto, but it is good for lots of things.

Once you have ssh up and running, then you can run the test on the page you pointed to.


thanks for your reply. No, have not set up a ssh server yet. But I am gonna do it.

However, the MQTT broker seems to work now as my shelly sensors in Home Assistant are receiving data. But I have not changed anything. Apparently, the Shelly H&T sends only data in certain time periods (standard is every hour) or on certain events (e.g. the temperature changes).

So, after set up the sensors in Home Assistant, you have to give it some time to see whether it works.

and I haven’t changed anything.


OK so it is working, great :slight_smile: