Setup of Leviton Wifi light switch

I have one Leviton (Wifi) Decora wall switch I’m trying to add to Home Assistant. I found the following code and added it to the configuration.yaml file.

  - platform: decora_wifi
    username: [email protected]
    password: mypassword

My question is after I enter this code into the config file and restart the controller, what happens next? Is the switch supposed to just show up automagically? Do I need to go add an integration? The instructions I found for this light just stopped after add this code to the yaml file. I’m not exactly new to home automation, but my experience is limited mostly to old X-10 and Alexa integration. Can someone let me know what is supposed to happen after I add the code? I didn’t see anything at all. No new devices, and nothing new in integrations to add. Any help would be appreciated.

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Check your entities list for the devices.

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did your switches work? mine aren’t showing up, I am wondering if this integration still works ? i used it over a year ago it worked fine.

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Integration still works. Be aware that if they leviton lights are not picked up due the cloud being inaccessible when HA last booted you may need to restart HA to reestablish connection.

Done this; no entities, no logfile errors. Where might I look next?

Noob… please be gentle.

Same issue here. These devices are not showing up even after a restart.

I too am having issues. I have a DW15S-1BZ lightswitch. I am able to control this light switch via the My Leviton app on my iPhone and from a web page. In my configuration.yaml file, I have added:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: decora_wifi
    username: !secret leviton_user
    password: !secret leviton_pass

I have added the appropriate username and password to my secrets.yaml file. I get no errors in the setup yet I can’t seem to find my light switch anywhere within Home Assistant. As I was looking at the Leviton website, I saw that there was a firmware update to my light switch but even after updating the firmware I can’t find my light switch.

Anyone ever figure this out? Having the exact same issue. Configured my yaml, pretty sure the spacing is correct, but nothing is showing up.

I will say that my smart devices are on a different subnet than my HA server, but it seemed to discover all my other devices fine. (albeit very slowly)

Edit: After putting my log in debug, I do see some instances in the log where it is mentioning light.decora.wifi. But it’s very cryptic, one big long line, very hard to read. Also, in my entities, I see that the entity I have called basement lights has integration “decora_wifi” listed. So I’m pretty sure it can see them, but I still don’t see them in devices or integration or anything. I know I’m missing something simple.

Same exact issue. Anyone have any luck yet?

Try going to “integrations”, then “add integration”, search for “Leviton” and see if it shows up then. This is just a guess because I don’t have any Leviton switches (or any cloud-based switches).

Since this is a guess, please do a full backup first.

I know this is an old one but, FWIW, you will know it worked only by looking in your “Entities” and finding the switches/dimmers you added. They won’t show up in “Integrations” or “Devices”.