Setup wifi with Home Assistant?


Hi there!

My name is Hans and have a raspberry pi 3 Model B+ and I managed to install from the Home Assistant site. I installed it to my pi with the (flashed to) SD card and an ethernet cable, but now I want to use my Wifi network. So I have a (new) USB stick, named it CONFIG and created the file structure as advised and then in the folder network I created file my-network. I made it a text file and look as follows:



# Uncomment below if your SSID is not broadcasted




But it didn’t work for me and I also seem to not be able to see why - if I plugin my HDMI cable from the pi to my TV, I see nothing whereas if I connect from my Mac mini, I do.

Can you please help this newbie? :slight_smile:



Same for me.
Tried all the tricks.
Heard on some PI forum that on new versions the wifi is locked by default, and should be unlocked by some command.


Hi sashok,

On a out-of-the-box Raspbian OS that came with my Pi 3+ I was able to set-up WiFi with the help of this movie: Then I bought another SD card and only flashed Hassio on it. Then I got this problem, WiFi not recognised. And I still haven’t found out - even if I created a folder wpa_supplicant and wpa_supplicant.conf file in it via the configurator and saved (and restarted) it. It still then doesn’t seem to listen. Therefore, I chose another way of installing Home Assistant, via Hassbian: And this instruction worked for me. So now it is using my WiFi again. Hope it may help you too.



By the way in response to my first post - if I connect a HDMI cable from the pi to my TV and then start it - plugging in the power to the pi - then I am able to see all the commands executed, but when I plugin the HDMI cable when the power cable has already been plugged in, then I’m seeing nothing.