Setup zigbee Connection failed

Hey there,
I have maybe a simple questions. I have a Zigbee USB stick. If I run HomeAssistant in a vm on my Laptop I can easy add the integration Zigbee. It shows my stick (Serial Port) there, I choose it and it manages to set it up.
Cause I don’t want to run it on a vm I tried Homeassistant WP. But here comes the problem. If I try to set up zigbee, it shows me as well the port, than I have to choose which manufacturer it is and than it asks me about port spezifications. And here I don’t find the rigth things to write in. It always says connection failed. What do I neeed to write in there, so it is finding there.
Or is there a possible other way, how I can run it on a 32bit Odys Windows Tablet?

Thanks for your help.