Several issues after update to 109.6

I just updated to 0.109.6 and several issues have popped up.

  • UI editing no longer possible - I click the Configure UI link and nothing happens
  • The map, log and history pages wont load, spinner forever on all of them
  • I get notifications of new entities but there is nothing there.

This was a fresh install on a Pi 3b about 1 month ago. I have restarted the machine from cold and it is still happening. Any pointers?

Look at developer tools / logs for errors.

I have websocket_api (ERROR) - message first occurred at 12:49:59 PM and shows up 2 times

Just realised these were from a f’up I made in nodered mistyping an entity ID… No other errors in the log.

Just tried in Edge and it all works fine. In chrome I have cleared the cache, killed the cookies, restarted and logged back in - same issue. Last time I had problems switched from Edge to Chrome to get it working, now back again :slight_smile:
I will have to try it on my old android phone that is my main remote control.