Several topics: Restart server? Configure WiFi? Change port?

Just installed the Home Assistant OS on an old PI (Pi3).

I was trying to configure WiFi, so I installed SSH and went to the terminal and looked for the network.d directory, or wpa_supplicant. Couldn’t find anything, installed wpa_supplicant - then was not sure how to shutdown to do a reboot. I picked (I think) shutdown server.

Now there is no web-page. How do I restart it? Fortunately I can still git in with the SSH. But I have no idea what command to run to start the server back up - I thought it would be automatic. Can I make it automatic?

And how to I setup the WiFi?

And why it is on port 8123? Can I move it to 80?

What os are you running? Sounds like raspbian perhaps?

sudo reboot

don’t use wifi

You could move it to port 80, but why would you?

As this post is in the Home Assistant OS category I assume you installed either a supervised install or Home Assistant OS image. So you can set up networking from the GUI.

Go to the Supervisor Page, System Tab, then look at the Host Card on that page. Click on the Change button next to your IP address.

I’ll also echo what Nick said.

Wifi is ok if you are just doing a bit of testing but not a good idea for a production server.

Changing to port 80 is also not a good idea. Keep your system as stock standard as possible to aid in future troubleshooting.

No, I’m using Home Assistant OS.

Ok, setting up networking from the GUI would be great. But I can’t get the GUI to run. Maybe I should just reinstall the whole thing.

I’m fine with not moving the port to 80.

I would just like to get the GUI going again.

Try fiddling a bit with the commandline, as you say you have ssh running.


ha core info
ha supervisor info

Here is the output:

| |  | |                          /\           (_)   | |            | |
| |__| | ___  _ __ ___   ___     /  \   ___ ___ _ ___| |_ __ _ _ __ | |_
|  __  |/ _ \| '_ \ _ \ / _ \   / /\ \ / __/ __| / __| __/ _\ | '_ \| __|
| |  | | (_) | | | | | |  __/  / ____ \\__ \__ \ \__ \ || (_| | | | | |_
|_|  |_|\___/|_| |_| |_|\___| /_/    \_\___/___/_|___/\__\__,_|_| |_|\__|

Welcome to the Home Assistant command line.

System information
  IPv4 addresses for eth0:
  IPv6 addresses for eth0:  2600:1700:66c2:4810:93f3:19b1:9b4e:9de4/64, 2600:1700:66c2:4810::44e/128, fe80::8dad:883a:242b:cee5/64
  IPv4 addresses for wlan0:

  OS Version:               Home Assistant OS 5.13
  Home Assistant Core:      2021.4.6

  Home Assistant URL:       http://homeassistant.local:8123
  Observer URL:             http://homeassistant.local:4357
➜  ~ ha core info
arch: armv7
audio_input: None
audio_output: None
boot: true
image: homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant
last_version: 2021.4.4
machine: raspberrypi3
port: 8123
ssl: false
update_available: true
version: 2021.4.6
version_latest: 2021.4.4
wait_boot: 600
watchdog: true
➜  ~ ha supervisor info
- description: Expose Home Assistant folders with SMB/CIFS
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: Samba share
  repository: core
  slug: core_samba
  state: unknown
  update_available: false
  version: 9.3.1
  version_latest: 9.3.1
- description: ESPHome add-on for intelligently managing all your ESP8266/ESP32
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: ESPHome
  repository: a0d7b954
  slug: a0d7b954_esphome
  state: unknown
  update_available: false
  version: 1.16.2
  version_latest: 1.16.2
- description: The Android Debug Bridge server program
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: ADB - Android Debug Bridge
  repository: a0d7b954
  slug: a0d7b954_adb
  state: unknown
  update_available: false
  version: 0.8.0
  version_latest: 0.8.0
- description: Simple browser-based file editor for Home Assistant
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: File editor
  repository: core
  slug: core_configurator
  state: started
  update_available: true
  version: 5.2.0
  version_latest: 5.3.0
- description: SSH & Web Terminal access to your Home Assistant instance
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: SSH & Web Terminal
  repository: a0d7b954
  slug: a0d7b954_ssh
  state: started
  update_available: false
  version: 8.2.0
  version_latest: 8.2.0
- description: Check current Home Assistant configuration against a new version
  icon: true
  logo: true
  name: Check Home Assistant configuration
  repository: core
  slug: core_check_config
  state: unknown
  update_available: false
  version: 3.6.0
  version_latest: 3.6.0
arch: armv7
channel: stable
content_trust: true
debug: false
debug_block: false
diagnostics: false
force_security: false
healthy: true
logging: info
supported: true
timezone: America/Chicago
update_available: false
version: 2021.04.0
version_latest: 2021.03.9
wait_boot: 5
➜  ~

The odd thing is, it says it’s IP address is But that address does not respond to a ping, and I don’t think is allowed on my network. The SSH is at

  1. reboot your Pi3
  2. I suppose you are wired at the moment. Go to you should be able to get into your GUI.
    (Let’s forget for a moment. That’s a HAOS internal thing - the core is inside a docker environment and those dockers are all under 172.30.xx.xx)
  3. In the case where your GUI would not let you setup wifi, use nmcli from your SSH shell

A couple of links that might help:

It is currently wired. I only wanted to setup the WiFi for when I sometimes have to pull the cable to use on other things. Happens sometimes, I will eventually mount it in the basement next to the router.

No change after the reboot.

Thanks for the Docker insight.

I’ll checkout the links.

I spoke too soon! It’s working again!

And the site:

Guide: Connecting Pi with Home Assistant OS to wifi

Showed me now to setup WiFi! :smiley: