Severn Trent Smart Water Meter


I’m in the UK and my water supply company, Severn Trent have just fitted me with a smart water meter. I can login on line and view readings but anyone have a clue on how I can integrate this with the energy dashboard in HA please?

What water meter did they install for you.i had mine recently replaced.

Same one as me. I rang back and they said:

“While you now have a smart water meter, we need to get a reciever fitted in your area to collect the data” :man_facepalming:

I also asked about an API to collect the data, but the guy didn’t know what I meant.

I’ll keep the thread updated.

Cyble 5 is the meter

This may be a good link to look at : Domotizes the Itron water meter with esp and cc1101 in ha for 10€ -

Would need to change 4 find the right frequency for your CC1101 transmitter
as the STW looks like its using 868mhz, also not sure as long as Severn Trent have not done anything odd.

I am still waiting on my smart meter which is due in 1 week…

If you do manage to get something working keep me updated.

I can now login to the Severn Trent portal and view hourly water consumption but no idea now to get this data pulled into HA. I presume there is some sort of API url but now idea how to find this.

interestingly my Severn Trent meter is using 433Mhz. Im going to attempt the above to get mine working, will report back if I get it going!