SF Meetup - August 2

I’m in SF for the night and it would be cool to do a meet up.

To gauge interest, please heart this post so I can see if it makes sense to do this. Last time we tried this in SF, many years ago, I ended up just hanging out with @robbiet480 and a friend all night :laughing:


Definitely! I’m in SF, would be fun to chat in person.

Looking forward to this meetup! Please let me know the details on location/time as we get closer :sunglasses:

I’m interested. What would be the plan for a meetup? If a location is needed I could host.

I too would be keen to join. Coincidentally in SF on Friday.

So there is no plans yet. What location would you be able to offer @dts? I’m from out of town so have no clue

I’m based in Silicon Valley/San Mateo. I have enough space to comfortably accommodate 10 or more people in my backyard. However, it is a 35-40min Uber ride from SF downtown/Oakland during non rush hours.

So, depending on the number of people that would be an option, but might be a bit more hassle for people coming from the city.

I’ll be in mountain view during the day so that will work for me. So let’s do it, I don’t see us going over 10.

Alright, confirmed with @dts some details. It will be at 6pm in his backyard. PM him for address info. Hope to see you all on Friday!

Hi all,

we gonna start around 6PM on Friday.
I’m based in Foster City/San Mateo. Please send me a PM to RSVP and address info.

I have a bit of beer and wine in the fridge. Also, If you want to get something to eat, I can fire up the BBQ. For that please bring your own meat :grinning:

Looking forward to meet some Bay Area HA users!


Would have liked to join, but unfortunately San Mateo is logistically too far for me. Have a great evening and hopefully until a next time.

I’d love to join. Will PM soon.

No need to bring things to bbq. Nabu Casa will pay for the meat (I’ll go shopping before).


Bummer. I work in the city and live in Marin. San Mateo is too far for me. If you do something in the city next time I will definitely come if I can.

posting this here for visibility: