SG LEDDim Bluetooth dimmers

I have a few SG LEDDim Smart dimmers at home that I would like to control with something a bit more user friendly and automateable than SG’s official (and quite horrible) app. In communication with SG, they’ve stated that they have no intention to add Apple HomeKit support.

Is there any chance SG might be using some standard Bluetooth communcation protocol that already has integration with Home Assistant? If so, which one is it most likely to be? How do I go about connecting Home Assistant to my SG LEDDim dimmers?


did you get anywhere with this? i have startet building my smarthouse, and i have 9 SG smart dimmers i would like to implement in my Home Assistant. i also bhought SG gateway before starting with Home Assistant. i did manage to get the Gateway in to Home assistant using the add homekit accessories, but it only managed to take 2 SG dimmer in to Home Assistant

I haven’t managed to get anything to work yet, but I’ve caught news that an SG Smart Gateway exists that should make it possible to connect the dimmers to Home Assistant through Google Home, for instance. I might buy this within the next few months and will report back how it worked out when I know more.

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ive been so focused on using apple homekit accessories integration that i didnt even try using google home, so maybe i should give it a go on that aswell.

i contacted SG on this, the person who answered said the reason could be that they werent certified yet with the apple homekit, but they where working on it.

i will reply back when i have tried using google home

Following … I use SG smart dimmer and pills throughout my house. Everything works right into the Apple app HomeKit when I connected to my gateway. Siri speech works perfectly on everything. Anyone have instructions for getting the dimmers into the Home assistant?

Still stuck getting the dimmers in home assistant app

Has anyone had the chance to have a look at this yet? A HA integration would be really sweet!

SG’s app now supports Apple HomeKit via the Smart Gateway. Just change the language in the app to English, click the settings cogwheel, navigate to “Manage Device”, find your “Smart Gateway” and it should now have a “Homekit” option which will give you the code to enter into Apple Home. Works smoothly for me and now I don’t have to use SG’s quite horrible app anymore. :sweat_smile:

Do you mean under “Manage Devices”? I can’t find a homekit option in my app…

Yes, I meant “Manage Device”. That’s weird. Now (in version 3.13.295) I can’t see the “Homekit” option anymore either. :thinking:

Yeah, I noticed there was an app update 5 days ago. They must have removed it awaiting official support. I can still find the SG gateway in the homekit app, but that is of no use without the code. I hope they fix this soon.

Does anyone know if there is an API of some sorts one can use to make a component for HA?

Any chance these are possible to integrate with HA? :slight_smile:


Anything new here? Anyone done some development?

I have added SG Gateway to home assistant via. “HomeKit Controller”, but not dimmers/devices are exposed, only the gateway itself (no surprise).

Please let ut know if anyone has a solution and/or API-documentation.

If anyone has the required time and skill to make a HA-integration, SG uses the Qualcomm CSR bluetooth mesh protocol and chips.

A “Reverse engineered bearer/bridge implementation of the CSRMesh BTLE protocol including all necessary cryptographic and packing routines required to send valid packets over a CSRMesh BTLE network.” is avaliable on GitHub, here:

GitHub - nkaminski/csrmesh: Reverse engineered bridge implementation of the CSRMesh BTLE protocol

The decryption PIN is supposedly “1234” for SG-communication.

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@erlwes Did you get any further on this?

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Did anyone get any further on this? @erlwes

I’ll bump this up, any progress here ?

or do I have to HA-integration myself ?

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Take a look here: SG Smart i Home Assistant - YouTube

Hello, this seems to require the SG gateway.
I was hoping to connect to HA without buying any other gateway or similar.

I have been able to use an esp32 to read the connect a Switchbot to HA but I cannot find any guide regarding SG. I believe it should be possible to do the same thing, but I do not have the time or the ability.