Shall I delete the fully kiosk component or not - unshure

after updating to 2023.6.3 I receive the following message in HACS:
Ok, it’s a core solution from now on.

When I try to delete the component, it tells me that it’s configured and yes - it is configured.
I have 2 Fully Kiosk devices.

When I try to ignore that message, it ignores and keeps still on the top of that screen.

Where is the isssue?

It says you’re using the archived HACS version of the integration. For it to go away you need to remove the HACS Integration and switch to the built in integration…

Then you’ll be able to remove the HACS integration and the warning.

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So I have to fully delete the complete path (integration, component) and have to reinstall the integration and reconfigure.
That sounds not that good. (I hate these actions)
But thanks for the information.