Shall I get rid of my powermax?

Hello everyone,

I have a Visonic PowerMax alarm system connected to my landline (analogue). Recently, the analogue signal was switched to digital, which has resulted in the disconnection of the alarm system. As a result, I can no longer utilize the telephone communication feature.

I’ve been advised that installing a “mobile IP module” would resolve this issue, at a total cost of £220. However, I’m hesitant because I’ve been informed that there are no spare parts available for this alarm system, and the Visonic website appears to be inaccessible, leading me to wonder if they are facing financial difficulties.

Considering these factors, I’m contemplating whether it would be wiser to invest in a new alarm system rather than paying for the installation of the mobile IP module. I’d appreciate any advice or recommendations on how to proceed.

Thank you.

Do you want something that is compatible with Home Assistant?

The easiest way is to install Zigbee or Zwave sensors (door/window contact and PIRs) and a coordinator connected to Home Assistant running the custom Alarmo integration.