Share a grafana dashboard publicly (from the supervisor addon install)

Hi all,

I am using the grafana addon and I need to share one of my dashboards to the world.
People that will access it should not have to enter any credentials, or think about getting and invite or whatsoever, it just needs to display when they visit the link.

I’ve read that this can be done be enabling the option, as explained here :

So I went to my grafana config using the UI, and here is the content of my yaml :

certfile: fullchain.pem
env_vars: []
keyfile: privkey.pem
plugins: []
ssl: true
  publicDashboards: true

I then restarted grafana, and it started without any errors.

Problem is, I cannot see the public dashboard tab still.

Can anyone here please let me know how he/she did to share one of his/her dashboard to the world?


It’s an alpha feature and may not yet be included in the HA version.

You probably have to use environment variables to enable it.

Even then because of the way ingress works it may not work.

Thanks for the quick reply @tom_l !

Does that mean I’m the only one guy on earth that needs to share a dashboard to the public ? :smiley:

there must be a way to share it, right ? any clue ?

no you not, if you get a solution I will be happy to know.

i too am trying to get public dashboards working.

Same here!!