Share esphome sensor with neighbour

I have a esphome sensor vissable in homeassistant, and i was wondering is it possible to share this sensor to my neigbour who is also running homeassistant.

I want to share the values to him, so he can make an action on a certain value.

Is this possible, and how can i do this?

You could send him an MQTT packet whenever the value updates, then he can write something to intercept that packet and update a sensor.

You could also try using a webhook

AFAIK you can add an esphome device to multiple homeassistant’s. Ofcourse the ip adress needs to be reachable.

This can’t work unless you are both on the same network. MQTT would work if you are both using the same MQTT broker. Look at HiveMQ Public Broker.

Just a thought. :thinking: There is the potential to send the value to Telegram and neighbour reads it from Telegram. What about sending data by 433mhz . What’s that sensor and the distance? Perhaps showing us the esphome yaml .

Sharing the network is the best option here (optionally by a router)

I think the option to use telegram is the best possibility. i wil try to manage that.