Share your Floorplan

I’m starting to get the hang of how to use this add-on but I’m all out of inspiration on how to model my floorplan. Let’s share our plans for others to nick ideas from. :slight_smile:

There is a tutorial to get started here:


This is what my setup currently looks like. The green frame around my portrait turns red when I’m not at home.


how did you get to model your floorplan currently?

how did you generate that floorplan/image?

I started using the Stanley Floorplan app to measure up my apartment. To get correct distances, I used their laser measurement that has built-in Bluetooth and automatically updates the app. Something like this should work too, even though you need to type in the measures yourself.

Once that was done, I used the Stanley app to export the plan to svg-format, after which I opened it in Inkscape to continue editing. The symbols are from the Noun Project.


Here is my current lay out.


HI there. Just throwing a curve ball into this thread :-). I have this SVG representing our Ring doorbell.It maps to the following sensors from HA:

  • sensor.ring_salon_battery
  • sensor.ring_salon_last_activity
  • sensor.ring_salon_last_ding

Not the typical use case for the Floorplan, but it shows that you can use it for other purposes.

(Oops… I’d better charge that battery!!!)


Here’s my foray into the project.
Still have a lot to do- just bought this house and still waiting on a bunch more Z-Wave switches and camera system, but that will all get added. Mean time, I got the lights working and front door lock status and such. Oh, and my Nest is reporting data as well. The only thing I don’t currently like is that lock icon- be it green for unlocked or red for locked, that thing is Fugly with a capital “F.” But, that’s an easy fix.


Really neat! It’d be cool to use a drone to take a picture of a garden for instance and then embed different sensors into the high-res picture.


thanks for sharing your methods ggravlingen - will have a go myself too

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Here’s my current setup, still have a lot to do including many additional devices to be added and adjusting the status colours but it’s a good start!


@stanvx Looks great. Did you create that from scratch in Inkscape?

@pkozul I used the Android App Floorplan Creator, exported to SVG then heavily modified the layout using Inkscape.
Cheers for all your hard work on HA Floorplan!

@stanvx No probs. Sharing your approach is really helpful to for others who want to get the floorplan up and running. Maybe we should start creating a How To guide on creating the actual floorplan SVG itself.


That would definitely be helpful! Cover stuff available online as well as downloadable software.

I wrote one down:


I’ve now migrated more or less everything in my setup to Floorplan :tada:


Looks great. What sort of devices are you using this on? Tablets?

How did you end up implementing the scenes buttons getting shown/hidden?

I’m sure the plants are happy they have become first class citizens :slight_smile:

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Here’s my work in progress. It’s hard to tell in this shot, but individual rooms/walls are highlighted based on light status and/or based on movement.

I’m working through a custom component for a “room” that includes information about presence, lights as a group, door access, windows, temp, humidity, and occupancy. Long way away from completion.

Used AutoDesk Graphic for iPad Pro for the SVG.


Thanks! Currently on my computer (Chrome) and iPad but I’ve ordered a Kindle Fire to use as my main house controller.

The buttons ended up being of type input_boolean and for there’s a pull request in your repo, including documentation in the readme-file, for the code in floorplan.yaml and ha-floorplan.html. :slight_smile: I just click the button and the layer containing the scenes buttons are shown/hidden.

Throwing out my progress so far, this is so much fun.

Each room lights up when the lights are on, doors are “animated”. I am thinking about moving towards a dark theme though.