Share your Floorplan


Sure thing, here it is:


Thanks bud.

I cant edit the objects? tried it on inkscape…

Do you know how else I can edit it?


Weird, the file was created in Inkscape so it should behave the same for you.

What are you trying to edit, and how?


I am trying to edit the walls and the furniture to resemble mine on inkscape. I cant edit the individual objects of the svg file rather the whole floor plan as a square.


Ohhh ok, that’s not going to work then. The floor plan was generated with, and I just imported the bitmap image into Inkscape and created the active elements like the light rectangles.


oh right … is there anyway I could edit that via ?


If you create an account on, PM me your details/sign-up email and I can try to send you a copy through the site.

Note that high resolution 3d exports are only available if you pay for a Plus account (forget how much I paid).



Ok. Thanks for sharing!


Here is my floorplan, on the remote I’d like the buttons to flash when I click on them, is there an easy way to do this? I tried using the code below which works on the first press but the next press doesn’t blink.

        - state: 'on'
          class: 'blinking'
        - state: 'off'
          class: 'blinking'
        service: toggle


It seems to work today, although if anyone has a better way of making an icon flash please let me know.


Been working on a themed floorplan based off of some great UI design work I’ve seen previously.

long press popup where the hass floorplan group is toggled on


@jmart518 Would you be able to please also share your floorplan.yaml?

Thanks in advance.


@tknp Hi! I love the flooplan! I’m working on my own floorplan and was just wondering if you could share how you used long presses to trigger things?


@pplucky We moved to a new house, I will have to see if I still have that old config laying around somewhere


@Jyckle thanks for the kind words. I posted about how I got long presses working in a separate thread at Does floorplan have the ability to detect a long press?. With that addition, you should be able to toggle layers represented by group objects in your svg floorplan.

My floorplan.yaml then has entries like this:

      - group.room_office
      domain: class
      service: toggle
          - popup.room_office
          - office-on
          - office-off
        default_class: office-off

and my css file has the on and off state as just toggling the display element

.office-off {
  display: none;
.office-on {
  display: inline !important; 


@tknp Thanks so much for the quick response! One more question for you- so with your setup, is there a way to distinguish between a short and a long press? Like would it be possible to have a short press toggle the lights and a long press pull up that menu?


@Jyckle yup, that’s exactly the behavior I was after and that’s what you should get with what I posted in that other thread. I have short taps to the room toggling entire groups (all lights in the room) on and off like normal and have a contextual popup show up for long presses that supports toggling the individual elements of the groups (single lights).

Floorplan Lights On/Off Button Click Help

@tknp That’s brilliant! I think this is my last question, and thanks again for the help. So in your floorplan.yaml file, what distinguishes the action that runs on the short press from the action that runs on the long press? For example, if I have

    - name: Long Press Room
        - group.my_room
        domain: class
        service: toggle
            - popup.my_room
            - layer-visible
            - layer-hidden
          default_class: layer-hidden 

And then I also have

    - name: Rooms
         - group.my_room
         - state: 'on'
           class: 'room-on'
         - state: 'off'
           class: 'room-off'
        domain: homeassistant
        service: toggle

Then how do I get the long press action to only respond to long clicks? Currently they both just toggle when I press the element. Thanks so much for your help!


Still a work in progress but getting there.