Share your Lovelace Projects (specifically ios/android versions)

Hi guys, I’m always busy changing the UI of my home assistant setup and I am always looking for ways to make things better. I will share some screenshots of my setup here. Please share your setups too so that we can share ideas.


Screenshots below:

For Config check:


Amazing screens!
Could you share your setup too old?

I could yes, but tbh the code is a big mess at the moment (but it works). I will setup a github account in the upcoming days and post the setup there. I will update the above post with the link once it is up.


I’d also like seeing this on GitHub :+1:

Screenshots of the home assistant UI from my Android phone are on my Github.

Link below:

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Looks good, Dutch I see :stuck_out_tongue: so many Dutch people that work with Home Assistant which is cool.

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I really only have two important screens on my wall mounted tablet. I have a whole bunch of sensors throughout the house, but I don’t really care much for this information if it’s just used in automations anyway. So I’m trying to keep it somewhat simple. I also have a system tab but it’s still very much a work in progress.
The cards for my animals expand when I press the header, so by default it only shows the high priority info.

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Can you share the code for the dog?

There’s some Node-Red automation involved for showing and hiding items, but you can just use the buttons without it. I’ll probably share some of this soon if anyone is interrested. Anyway here’s the dog config.


You can check it on Github now:


Many thanks!
A question though, I can’t seem to get the grey-gradient.png background to work.
When I look at your pictures I also cannot see it.
Do you know why?

What do you mean you can’t see it? You can’t see it in my screenshots or you can’t see the original image?

Did you try any other image? Just google for grey gradient wallpaper (or any color you prefer) and try to use that.

I will check the original image when I get home, but this is what I can see on the github page:

Got it working now :frowning:
Don’t know how, but never mind… Thanks for your feedback!

Here are mine. iOS primarily, but I am new to home-assistant and still have quite a bit to add.


Thanks I implemented the dog card you made into my setup. I’m still figuring out how you did the species and age sensor though. Couldn’t find in in your files :smile:

But thanks for this work.

I made the text static for the time being.

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Here is my … Thanks to my good friend @JamesMcCarthy79

You can find all the information here -

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It’s a custom sensor that I’ve set up using MQTT discovery that holds those values as attributes. These don’t show up anywhere in my config since they’re auto discovered. Currently these are all static as well, but I want to make the age dynamic.

Yeah exactly, it was just about the age, all other information doesn’t need to be. Anyways I made some nice cards with your piece of code.

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That’s awesome! I’ve thought about setting up more check buttons for things like this as well but haven’t had time to set it up yet. You’ve inspired me to make this when I get home from vacation :slight_smile: