Shared Cards over multiple dashboards/tabs


i would like to use some card configuration (vertical/horizontal stacks for exame) over multiple tabs since every family member has its own tabs. a lot of elements are just copy paste on those tabs. Its quite a pain to keep all of them in sync when i am editing something. it would be awesome if it could be possible to just reference a card “template” which is editable at one point at viewable on multiple dashboards.

That would really make my life easyer! :smile:
With 5 users in the house, each having their own dashboard, but sharing 30% of the cards on all dashboards. Makes updating an pain in the a**…
Managed to scale things down by setting buttons to navigate to invisible “subviews”.
But it does’nt really acomplish what i’m looking for.
This option could also scale down the yaml file and free up some RAM an cpu.