Sharing your Home Automation setup

I’m in middle of upgrading my home Automation with HA and I’m interest to know how people are using it. So I’m investigating a few options:

Home Controller:

  • Home Assistant under VM Linux (HASSIO what great to learn but too restrict and can’t debug via console)
  • ISY 994 still have a few lights under Insteon but moving away

Control (Display Wall / Switch)

  • ESP8266 / ESP32 and may used the model with the antenna and install on the side of the box inside the wall (if signal is an issue).
  • Onion Omega2 or Omega2+ (link & Docs) is very nice IoT computer for $7.50. I’m following them since they start on Kickstater.
  • Used old phone / tablet with Blynk or remoteXY

My home was setup with X10 in old days and I have move to Insteon but I’m moving away due to high failure of device (was design with cheap capacitor).

Since I didn’t find anything that I can put in the wall that act like a dimmer(important) at a reasonable price, I’ll go toward DIY led lamp ESP8266/RGBW

  • ESPEasy for general used.
  • ESPixelStick Simple but powerfull firmware for light control (support E1.31 sACN/DMX and MQTT). I like it switch between MQTT for normal light use and E1.31 for Party mode with QLCPlus and xLights.

If you don’t mind I’m curious to know what is setup/ light technology that is control by your SwitchPlate?

You may want to take a look at the cookbooks that are available. HA Cookbooks They have a lot of example configuration files that other are using. It shows the type of equipment and a lot of good information.

Also you may want to look at Tasmota it works on the ESP8266’s and should be easier to use, allows for over the air (OTA) updates and MQTT.

For “normal” (i.e., non-DMX) lighting, I’m extremely happy with ESPurna and actually have lots of bulbs, switches and H801 controllers using it.

For DMX (E1.31), I also (mainly) use the ESPixelStick, and actually wrote some of the effects. I also use QLC+ and xLights as controllers and play around with LedFx for audio control.

I love the ESPixelStick for being able to make most of my lights work “double-duty”, i.e., as normal home lighting (HA-controlled) and for shows.

Shameless plug: I also wrote StudioDisplay, a signalling and studio wall clock replacement for web radio stations that can easily be integrated with HA (via MQTT).

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@carbuthn Thanks will look into the Cookbook for any example.