Shark IQ control (and limitations) with HA but without internet access?

Am super new to HA so forgive me if some of the questions are stupid.

I wanted to get a sharkiq vac but it seems it requires an internet connection. I was wondering if using the sharkiq vac via HA would allow me to use the vac without an internet connection? I am fine with giving it access to my IoT vlan but not enthusiastic about letting it out onto the wider internet?

The sharkiq integration seemed to allow me to start/stop the vac and a few other basic things (it also seemed to need access to the ` site?) but would I still be unable to do things like mapping?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, SharkIQ integration maintainer here. Unfortunately the integration requires an internet connection at the moment. We’ve been looking into a local only control, but we’re not sure it would be possible.

We may be able to implement it in the future, but have no plans or ability to currently.