Shark IQ Integration - Notifications?

For the Shark IQ integration the Shark IQ app has notifications for when the robot gets stuck or encounters an error.

Is it possible to get the HA integration to to have a sensor for those notifications so that I can build automations or notifications in HA around the vacuum state like it being stuck somewhere?

These are already available as attributes of your Vacuum entity. Just note they reset to “Unavailable” if the robot disconnects or reboots.

You could build your automations around either the specific error code, or the error text (description).

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That’s awesome, thanks for pointing that out! I feel pretty dumb for missing it. Thank you again!

err…one more thing…is the list of error messages documented somewhere or do I have to wait for the vacuum to throw one and then observe it?

There isn’t but we can start crowdsourcing one and add it. Feel free to start a discussion on GitHub and we can start filling in the gaps: GitHub - JeffResc/sharkiq: Unofficial SDK for Shark IQ robot vacuums, designed primarily to support an integration for Home Assistant.