SHARP Cocoro Air integration (MQTT bridge)

Hi everyone.

If anyone else uses SHARP’s humidifying air purifier that can be controlled with their Cocoro Air app (like KI-LS-70), you may want to try the small app I wrote. Instead of a HA-specific integration, I made it into a MQTT app, so that more people can use it.

The good news is that it’s compatible with HA’s MQTT Discovery, so it should register all the entities properly on its own.

The bad news are that:

  • you need to setup a MQTT broker if you haven’t already
  • there’s no official Cocoro Air API. My app uses the same APIs that the mobile apps do, which SHARP most likely didn’t intend for third party use - it may break at any time if they make changes
  • there’s no official way to get the API credentials - you need to use your phone through a mitm proxy to look at the packets the app is sending. The instructions are in my repo’s README. Another, more detailed explanation is in the repo of another library using the same API.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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