Sheduled actions on different user profiles

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Hello everybody, Im pretty new with Hassio. I just have started with few integrations using shelly 1 and 2, transmota devices, etc.

Lately I have been asked to design this proyect where I want to create a door access control. This system requires that different users only can open that door in diferent shedules.

The main idea is:
User 1 can only access to a certain door opener button from 10:00 to 12:00 AM
User 2 can only acces to this door button from 12:00 to 14:00 AM.


Second option: Instead single users, we set up user groups with the same shedule.

So you have diffferent users registered in your hassio system and for them those buttons only appears in the client app or they can only manipulate them in certain times.

I was wondering, whether you can use conditions like time after, before in permissions set up somehow.

What are you using to identify users?

You just write an automation triggered by each user’s access attempt then add some time conditions. If the conditions are met you can unlock the door for them in the actions. One automation per user is the simplest method.

You can do the same for groups of users.

Thank you so much tom, Im going to try and I’ll report the result. I think your suggestion is the right way.

When I get it to work, I will share the code in here.