Shell command in Hassio


I’ve browsed the forums, but it seems that no one have reported or asked about this issue.

Independent on what I’m trying to run as a shell_command, Hassio freezes completly and then I don’t mean only HA hangs, but everything, can’t access through SSH or Samba or any other running plugin.

I’ve also got an automation that restarts if the connection drops, but that doesn’t execute either, so it’s completly dead. The only option is to use the power button.

I’m running Hassio on a nuc and latest version, but I have had this behaviour in all versions so far.

Anyone seen anything like that or maybe even have a solution? Or should I report this as an issue?

I had issues with the HassOs based Hassio installation in a VM. I am running Hassio on a Linux OS and it has been much more stable.

Yeah, I found this, but it didn’t solve my issue. I gave up on it and executed my .sh files from Node Red, not ideal, but it was to tiresome to have to power off and on after every trial.