Shell command works greate in Developer tab. refuses to work in Automation

this whole thing works fine when i click on Call Service

but it refuses to work in automations.yaml
i had to manually write in the code because it refuses to save the Webgui

even so, this is what it looks like in the webgui:

when i click on Migrate, i had to manually delete the automation in the automations.yaml file and start all over. BUT i still cant save the automation in GUI because of this strange error:

I don’t think the {…} surrounding the command should be there.

Looking again, I don’t see a definition for shell_command.command264

Can you show the yaml?

yes, here it is in my configuration.yaml file

  command264: 'curl -g --digest -u admin:pass123 "[0].MainFormat[0].Video.Compression=H.264"'
  mount_nas_folder: 'mkdir -p /media/nasMusic;mount -t cifs -o vers=3.0,noserverino,username=guest,password=,domain=WORKGROUP // /media/nasMusic'

So why are you repeating all that in the automation. I think all you need as your action is

service: command_shell.command264
data: {}

you are right, happy to say it works in automation with just this

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