Shelly 1.0 info (not really a HA related question)

I have been making the switch to smart home very recently. Started whit Google home / Wiz lights combo now switched to HA. I am thinking of getting some Shelly 1 relays to integrate my normal and smart lights to be controlled by physical’s switches. From my experience so far wiz and its Wi-Fi connecting tends to fail sometimes. atm i am resolving this whit powering down the lights whit the physical switch for a few sec and then back on what normally connects them back to the wifi.

Now from what i found on the internet shelly cut the power to the lamps al together. This is not a problem for the normal lights but will cause minor issue’s whit the WIZ smart lights ( after a power cut it takes some time for them to show back up in HA. its not that long normally but it might mess up some automations)

What i would like to know is:

how does the relay function work on a shelly?
Can you config it that a physical switch change does not change the relay state but sends a wifi trigger to HA to change a smart light to on/off depending on its previous state and for sake of example 3 rapid state changes triggers the relay cutting power for x amount of seconds to the smart light itself in order to brute force it to connect to the wifi?

I don’t think that will work. In general, you should use either a smart switch OR a smart bulb - not both. Unless you use a switch that does not control the mains power to the bulb (it just does changes of state in HA).

Yes, you can do that.
In the app, set the button to be “Detached” and then it won’t control physically the device connected to the output. You still can control the output switch via HA and receiving the input signal in HA.

You can call the service light.toggle to toggle the state of your smart light on each change of the Shelly input from on to off or from off to on.

You can create an automation to handle that…
But you can also create an automation to detect when your light is disconnected from the network or unavailable to HA and then power cycle the light without the need to remember your secret 3 button press code.

Thanks, I didn’t know you could do that.

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