Shelly 1 is not longer working

Hiall, after update to the last release some shellys are not longer working. I get the following error message:

Unsupported firmware for device shelly1-483FDA91AEEF

Your Shelly device shelly1-483FDA91AEEF with IP address is running an unsupported firmware. Please update the firmware.

If the device does not offer an update, check internet connectivity (gateway, DNS, time) and restart the device.

The problem is, that an update with this shellys are not possible because they have the “long id” problem… what can i do?

As a last resort you could switch them over to MQTT operation and manually configure them in HA.

Potential solution here: Shelly 1PM firmware issue - #7 by T1ppes.

What problem?

You didn’t say what integration you are using. The older ShellyForHass isn’t supported. This one works

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And that link also details minimum firmware versions, so OP must check that too.

Can’t you just update their firmware using the Shelly App?