Shelly +1 & LED Fluorescent Replacement issue

I have several Shelly +1s each connected to ceiling fluorescent light fixtures, set as edge switches so they could still work well with the physical switches. It was a PITA but work like a charm.

Turns out those bulbs were 30 years old and started dying so after some research I purchased LEDs that are meant to be swap-out replacements with the old fashioned ballasts and starters and they worked.

Now I have a dilemma on my hands, it appears that one of them completely died and another one works perfectly 70% of the time.

What is my next step? If I rewire the fixture I understand that I would need different LEDs - it is it better to try to swap in a new starter (the little silver thing) - or is it most likely the ballast - ? Or should I buy all new ballasts or bulbs instead? What a freaking nightmare. Next steps?

I would strongly suggest replacing the entire fixture (either an integrated LED or one that you can put LED bulbs in). As an engineer in the energy efficiency realm, I used to see the LED lamp replacement options as a lower cost alternative, but that was a decade ago and in commercial settings. For your home, save yourself a lot of trouble and replace the whole thing. It will use less energy, remove failure modes (because the ballast, etc. will eventually fail) and you’ll have a more modern looking light fixture. Not to mention, fixtures have gotten ridiculously cheap lately.

I’ll also add that if it’s a custom/unique fixture that you’d prefer to keep, just rewire some strip LEDs in it.

Thanks Ben I know you are right… I tightened up some connections and gave it another shot before getting rid of the ballast - it is working but flickers on and off, it’s pretty obvious it’s the starter, I’ll just be lazy and replace that for now!

Well guess what, it died, so I ripped out the ballast and just got a newer LED bulb of the right type. I have other fixtures I’ll do that to as well when I get around to it or they die, whichever comes first

I’ve been in the same position ~2 years ago and replaced succesfully fluorescent bulbs with LED ones and it works like a charm since then. Whan watchout though; I believe that LED replacements do not require ballast (at least one that I used), so it comes with replacemnt unit that need to be plugged instead of original one and works just as a shortcut, effectively removing ballast from circuit. Could it be source of problems?