Shelly 1 PM keeps getting turned off by HA

I’ve just installed a Shelly 1 PM to my electric water heater/boiler, with a probe.

I test it the other day, and everything was working ok; it would keep ON until the internal thermostat “sensed” that the right temperature had been reached.
Then I integrated it with HA.

That’s when the problems started.
Note: I’ve not made any automation for that device.

For some reason homeassistant.turn_off keeps turning off the device in a matter of minutes after I manually (card-button) turned it ON.
I checked everything: turning it ON from the (Shelly) app/desktop, the same behaviour occurred; I restarted the Shelly device - still the same; I plug off the cables and put then back without the Shelly - stays on, so no problem with the boiler/thermostat.

Then it occurred to me, after putting everything back together, to try and disable the Shelly 1 PM from HA, and voilá - no problem what so ever; it’s still ON.

Any ideas?

Damn… forget it.

Checking the entities in the Developer Tools, I forgot I had made some tests with customizable cards for the boiler.
…One of those was a simple thermostat. :flushed:


Haha… exactly the same happened to me, only it was light in my room which was turning on constantly…until i “remembered” (after appr. two days) that after i finished testing in my test HA installation and moved whole thing into “real” HA, i forgot to delete it there, so automation in test HA was happily turning on my light… :hot_face: :cold_face:

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