Shelly 1 Termination with Ferrules

I am using stranded 14AWG wire for my Shelly 1 which will be controlling a bath exhaust fan. A lot of people use ferrules on these before terminating the stranded wire to the terminal blocks. I’ve tried this method and for the life of me I cannot get the ferrules into the terminal blocks. Below are the ferrules and crimper I am using. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

IWISS Self-adjustable Crimping Tools Plier for AWG20-5 Bootlace End-sleeves Ferrule, Ratchat Wire Crimping Tool

AW25008 - 14AWG (8mm Pin) Insulated Ferrules

So I’ve answered my own question by trying a different style crimper. Using the 06WF die on setting 1.5 will get you what you need.

haisstronica Crimping Tool Set 6PCS-Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool for Heat Shrink,Insulated Nylon,Non-Insulated,Ferrule Wire End,Open Barrel Terminals