Shelly 1 used as momentary switch in appliance

I have a Cuisine Art coffee pot with soft touch buttons on the front of the appliance. Took it apart, added wires parallel with the Brew/On/Off button to the dry contacts of the Shelly and of course, hot and neutral. Created a device in HA and everything works like gang busters, very happy with the set up.

My problem is the switch is only on for 1 second so the device in Lovelace only flashes but does give me the activation time. I would like the indicated light in HA to stay on until it is turned off either by touching the switch on the pot or when the pot keep warm timer expires (2 hours).

I have tried every combination I can think of in the Shelly app but I think it is not possible because of the 1 second on.

Anyone have an idea of how to have the HA entity to stay on until turned off?