Shelly 1 V3 Wire Issue

Hi All,

I purchased 2 Shelly 1 for the first time. I bought them for the sole reason that they support 12v DC. I set the jumpers accordingly, and was able to power them up and connect them to the app. However, I dont need the ‘SW’ override. These are going in a junction box in the garage and are going to be remote ONLY (just like a Sonoff Basic etc).

I can power the shelly, and i can trigger the relay (I hear it click) but i cant get it to toggle the power on/off through the shelly switch when i flip the relay. I have seen several different wiring diagrams online and i tried the instructions. Does anyone have any advice on this? I tried wiring the jumps (see attached photo) to power the other side of the relay, but clearly im doing something wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the poor quality (on my phone and have big fat fingers :joy:) but this is what you should need assuming you want a positive switch output:

Hi Rossk,

Thank you for the help. I did this (see photo) and then hit the switch via HA. The switch clicks, but again… No power on the other end :frowning: See anything I might be missing?

Thanks, again, in advance for your help.

You have two wires leaving the Shelly on the far left in your last picture, why?

The very far left terminal as per my drawing is the power output to the device you want to power the next terminal in is the power IN to the relay so you don’t want that to also go to the device as you would end up with 2 positives and the device you are trying to power won’t have a negative (ground) so has no potential difference, so simply won’t power up!

I made an assumption on my first drawing but have added the extra detail that you need to fully explain (hopefully) what i am talking about, your device needs a ground….not 2 power supplies.

Feel free to message me if you are still having an issue.

Awwww - that makes sense, and it works. I was getting mentally stuck on the wiring for a Sonoff Basic and just couldnt get it.

Thank you very much for your help!

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