Shelly 1 with Esphome is dead after latest update

I’ve been using Shelly 1 flashed with ESPHome (wall-switch) for at least 3 years now but after the ESPHome update 3 days ago, it went dead.
No connection to the wifi network, no access point wifi, not even the physical switch at the wall works.
Turned main switch off and on but still shelly is dead.
Is there a way to revive it?

You are probably going to have to roll back the ESPHome update (you did make a backup when updating the addon?).

Then serially flash the device again.

well i have to config inside home assistant esphome.
Ok i’ll unwire it and try to reflash it serially…

After connecting it serially and before you flash it, check the logs for the device in esphome to see what is happening.

Do this before rolling ESPhome back to the previous version too.

The devise is not responsive at all.
It’s still live but it doesn’t respond to the physical switch or any indication of wifi (AP or connection to the wifi router).
I suspect that it wont work with the usb UART either.
I’ll try it tomorrow first thing in the morning with low hopes though.

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A pessimist is often pleasantly surprised.

An optimist is often disappointed. :slight_smile:

Good luck, let us know how it goes.


haha that’s true!!

Humm seems like Shelly 1 is back again after the 5th attempt with esphome 2022.2.3.
I can hear the relay responding to home assistant switch or through the internal web server.
Tomorrow is going back to the wall.