Shelly 1L - No Neutral

Hi All,

I was hoping you could give me a second set of eyes. I’m having issues setting up Shelly 1L with no neutral. Please see below photo, US wiring.

I get no light when the switch is in either position. Wiring the live/load together yields a light. Does this just mean I need the BYPASS? Will the lights not turn on if there is not 20W?

Thank you!

Did you ever figure this out. My wiring looks the same. I get power to my light when the live and load are in the Shelly but it does not appear on WiFi and wiring in the light switch does nothing (turning on/off does nothing)

From manual:

When using the device without neutral, Shelly 1L re- quires at least 20W of power consumption, in order to operate. If the connected light has a smaller power con- sumption, then Shelly Bypass is required for the opera- tion of the Device! Shelly Bypass is accessory that will be sold separately!

What is power consumption of your lamp?

bypass allows small current flow powering shelly device. without bypass if lamp has too hight impedance, there is no enough current and shelly stays offline.

Yeah, I gave up on mine, I assumed it needed the bypass as well. I believe bypass has to be installed at the fixture and in my scenario not really feasible.

I did get a second one working really well in a different room which had >20W