Shelly 1PM | Daily Energy (kWh) read out

I’ve replaced my Sonoff POW with a Shelly 1PM. I’m trying to get the daily energy (kWh) reading but seem to only be able to capture the Total Energy from the device.

The HA Energy dashboard is able to parse/separate the energy reading into daily usage. Is there a way to read the daily kWh usage directly from the Shelly 1PM or extract it from the Energy Dashboard?

You can use a utility meter helper with a daily cycle.

Thank you @tom_l

I’m trying it but am not sure I’m setting up the helper correctly:

The sensor I read directly from the Shell1pm reads 1.95 kWh while the daily utility helper is getting a reading of 18.38 kWh so something is off

Shelly-Kids water heater energy ## this is the Shelly1pm sensor / directly from the device

state_class: total_increasing
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
friendly_name: Shelly-Kids water heater energy

shelly_kids_water_heater_energy_daily ## this is the utility helper

state_class: total_increasing
source: sensor.shelly_kids_water_heater_energy
status: collecting
last_period: '0'
meter_period: daily
cron pattern: 0 0 * * *
last_reset: '2023-03-11T16:07:37.057446+00:00'
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
icon: mdi:counter
friendly_name: shelly_kids_water_heater_energy_daily