Shelly 1PM

Has anyone here fitted the Shelly 1PM inside a socket?
Wondering if it can fit inside a UK/Irish standard double socket.

I have in the US. The Shelly is smaller than an AirPod case.

Depends on the depth of the backbox and the complexity of the wiring. I have one installed in a fairly deep single wall-mounted backbox running my immersion heater, and there’s plenty of room.

I’d say no chance to get it into a 25mm deep box but 35mm might be ok? Also if inside, is the signal ok?

At a push, provided the wiring isn’t too bulky. Mine’s in a plastic wall-mounted box and signal is fine. If you put it in a correctly-earthed metal backbox recessed into a wall, might be more of a challenge.

Quick one, does one of the 1PM switches give you power values for two entities (i.e. if I fit this to a double socket, can it control both sockets individually, or do I need two switches for that?)

1PM only has one relay. You want a Shelly 2.5 for two switches if you can deal with a 10A limit or two 1PMs if you need 13A each.

Of course, most double sockets don’t provide access to the wiring for each socket individually — you have one L, N & E connection that is split between two sockets internally.

Please be really careful if you’re not experienced in mains wiring. It can kill.

Actually yes good point, if I recall correctly when installing the said socket, it does have only one connection in (well it has one on each side but that’s to get wire closer I guess) so the 1PM will be fine anyway.

To be clear, if you use the 1PM, it will only be able to switch both sockets as a pair and not give you individual control — and if you try to plug two things in with a total current draw over 16A, then you’ll overload it. If it’s all hidden behind the socket, you won’t know there’s a current limit.

Doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. If you can deal with the aesthetics, perhaps try one or two smart plugs instead?

Yes I have a few spare smart plugs however I need this right behind a washing machine and with a smart plug it pushes it out too much and will no longer fit in its place.
Power wise the double socket will have the washing machine and a set of plinth LEDs (probably 3 watts/1A) so the draw will not be huge.
Only looking to get the power consumption to get some notifications in HA when the washing is done.

Did you ever do this in the end? How well is it working?

Nope, just used a standard wifi smart socket with power monitoring which did the trick.

I did a workaround. At least in Greece, we use to have Washing machine on its own breaker in the panel. So i 3D printed a din rail base, and i have put the Shelly Plus 1PM and works perfect.