Shelly 2.5 OTA flash somehow?

I found that the Shelly has an OTA upgrade script for the original firmware:


I downloaded the firmware:
and it contains a binary as well as a manifest file. They seem to use some sort of a checksum/hash to check if the firmware is original.

Can we not fake this somehow? The shelly 2.5 has extremely small pinheaders that make it really hard to flash esphome.

The original 2.0 had the same you need to use different jumper cables, than the nornal square ones which was explain by Rob on his youtube channel thehookup

Thanks, but that was not really my question :wink:

Well it was the solution to the last part of your statement.
Not a solution to the first part that I have no idea :thinking:
an at least you don’t have to open them up like I had to with the shelly 2.