Shelly 2.5 Roller shutter icon change

Hi there
I activated Shelly 2.5 in my home assistant, now I have toggles for up/stop/down and the icon is mdi:window-shutter.

Is there a simple way to change the icon with the correct situation?
Opened shutter = mdi:window-shutter-open
Closed shutter = mdi:window-shutter
half opened shutter = mdi:window-shutter-alert

Or is this not possible with the standard Shelly integration?

:grimacing: hope someone has the same topic?
Or an idea how to solve it?

Hi Timo,

yes, I have the same topic. I toggled the input in the shelly webinterface. Works fine, but it´s not directed to HA e.g. the shutter controll on the card.
Is there any solution?

Cheers Mary

Hi Mary,

I did not find a solution for this topic.

In my overview I use the small shutter icon which shows blue (close) or yellow (open) icons.
At the shutter tab I use real icon, which I can touch and move…

If you want the second option, I can look up at my HA to explain how I created this :smiley:


Hi Timo,

I’m interested in both configurations, because I would like to have the small shutter icon in my floorplan and in addition a shutter tab like your “Alle Rollläden” Tab. It looks really great.

May you can help me with this config, please?

Kind regards and thank you in advance,

Hi Ralph,

its quite easy.
for the overview I just added the entity to the dashboard:

For the detailed position I used the Shutter Card implementation :slight_smile: