Shelly 2.5 used as shutter control only shows on/off instead of open/close in Alexa


For a while now I have installed a Shelly 2.5 for one of our outside shutter at home. Recently I have configured the Alexa integration.

Unfortunately the Shutter only show On/Off instead of Open/Close which makes it weird when telling Alexa to “Switch Shutter xyz On” in order to have it open instead of “Open Shutter xyz”.

In HA everything seems to be right, as I have the option to either set a certain position or just simply select open or close:

I found the topic Alexa: Problem with roller shutters with a different device but the same problem.
In there it was mentioned that the device has to report “position” instead of “current_position”. Is this the issue for Shelly as well?

The solutions mentioned in that topic to create a certain amount of Alexa routine is nothing I would like to do. Yes, it is only one shutter, but we do plan to fit it with every shutter we have in the house.

Is there any way to have the device shown a open/close instead of on/off in Alexa?

Thanks for the help.