Shelly 2 dimmer

After thoroughly searching this forum and google. I have to ask.

Can I easiliy flash a shelly 2 dimmer with esphome?

Preferably with:

  1. OTA
  2. A valid yaml example

There doesn’t seem to be a valid firmware yet, if you follow this:

I assume, ESPhome has the same problem.

Hmz… anyone aware of any comparable wifi builtin dimmer flash able with esphome?

Please :slight_smile: there must be something

Why can’t you stick with shelly FW?

I hate cloud

Me too.
All Shelly devices can be configured to work without cloud. You can chose between MQTT and HTTP API (in fact enabling MQTT disables cloud as Shelly cannot handle both at the same time)

But mqtt does only enable the “control” but not the “informational” part correct?

Don’t know what you mean.
When you enable mqtt in shelly, everything goes through mqtt. nothing is sent to cloud.

Tasmota seems to have it… I prefer esphome (standardise).