Shelly 2021.8 Energy Config - No matching statistics found

While trying to configure the new Energy settings in Home Assistant 2021.8 I don’t see any individual devices. The drop-down box shows “No matching statistics found”.
I have Shelly EM, 1 PM’s, Dimmers and 2.5’s and thought I read that at least the Shelly EM is already supported.
I’m wondering if there is some metric I need to enable in the integration or if I need to have Electricity Grid configured before I can configure individual devices?
Has anyone else got their Shelly devices working with this new feature yet?

If you use the shelly integration, it should work. See below an example:


If you are using MQTT, you can look here: MQTT Sensor : how to define last_reset_value_template - #13 by Mariusthvdb

I’m using the native Shelly integration. I’m missing something, but not sure what.
When I check in Developer tools, I don’t see any of my Shelly devices with an _energy entity.

Maybe the relevant entities are disabled?

Integrations → Shelly → Click on a Shelly device → click on ‘entities’


Check the status:

I gather you have a Shelly 2.5 switch working.
This is what I see for one of mine, nothing is disabled.

I wonder if I have turned off something in the integration, there isn’t an energy sensor shown there but this is what I have enabled.

Same as @DataBitz here, I don’t have any _energy entities

Weird. “Total consumption” should most likely be the one you need, but that is already enabled.

The EM should work. But the others reset their energy values when power is lost. This PR should fix it:

I have some Shelly and also Fibraro devices. None of them show up as options in the individual devices for the new Energy monitoring feature. I created my own sensors,using utility meter that pulls the values from the sensors to present them a year or more ago and all of these show up as individual sensors.

There are some Fibraro light switches, a bunch of smart plugs and some in wall pucks all with energy values that I can see entities not disabled and can read the values in the custom utility meter sensors I created.

Any advice on how to add them would be great

Sorry still haven’t found a solution.
Upgraded to 2021.8.3 but still have the same problem of missing _energy meters

Ok found the problem and solution.
I was actually using the HACS Shelly Integration, not the native Integration.
Uninstalled the HACS integration and the native integration seemed to kick in and discovered all the Shelly devices again.
Now they show up as devices in the Energy configuration.
Have duplicate devices now for all my Shelly devices, going through now and removing and adding the duplicated to the to all automations and scenes etc again. After that I will remove the old HACS discovered devices.