Shelly 3EM channels energy sum group have wrong values

I’ve used several months group helper for summing Shelly 3EM channels energy without problems.
Last night at 3:01:01 group sum shows very low number and this causes my utility meter to show very large sum of kWh / day.
Both group and utility meter helpers are created with HASS UI.

This problem started suddenly. Do anyone have the same kind of problems?

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I have the exact same problem but with me occours every day at 1:01AM.
Do you find a solution for this?
CleanShot 2024-05-10 at 12.23.57

Does the Shelly actually record these sudden drops, or is it only the grouped sensor that shows the drops?

Do you know if your local grid might be sending some kind of a signal (eg. through a change in frequency or ripple effect) that is being registered by the Shelly?

Everything is fine on Shelly App (seems the drops is only on HA), and I think the local grid it’s not the problem because appens to @Jso1 and i dont think we live in same area.

Yes, if the Shelly devices themselves are not recording those drops, then I think that would rule out anything to do with the grid.

I’ve noticed too that Shelly app works fine. Only HA shows these drops.
There drops have happened few times at 3:01:01 AM.
So there are some similarities in behaviour.
I live in Finland and drops are happening at 3:01AM and you said that drops are at 1:01AM.
Is there some new features added (in Shelly or HA)?
Shelly 3EM has newest firmware.